An efficient rehabilitation solution to treat patients at the clinic and in the comfort of their home

RGS@home and the journey to recovery after stroke

The Rehabilitation Gaming System for motor and cognitive rehabilitation

The RGS@home ecosystem

The RGS solution for the clinic

The RGS desktop setup for easy at-home training

The RGSwear for activity monitoring

Gamified Rehabilitation protocols to improve adherence to treatment

An AI-based system to personalize the patients’ treatment

A data management system to facilitate treatment schedule and intervention outcomes


How does it work?

RGS@home is a science-based ICT solution for neurorehabilitation combining brain theory, AI, cloud computing and virtual reality, for motor and cognitive recovery.


Increase effectiveness and treatment capacity


Connect with your patients and follow your patients remotely


Data Analytics and Reports

RGS is very easy to use!

– Patients can connect with a few simple steps to RGS via a computer, or a phone

– RGS maps the patient’s movements and actions in virtual reality, and provides rehabilitation scenarios to promote motor learning and cognitive function.

– RGS is useful for patients with significant motor, cognitive and communication limitations

– RGS provides continuous rehabilitation and monitoring activities minimizing hospital readmissions.

Optimizes patient management

– It facilitates the transition from the hospital to home, supporting a “soft landing”.

– It allows therapists to manage more patients and adds access to the knowledge of doctors who can also be at home.

– It delivers a digital record of training activities, features and patients’ progress, supporting patient monitoring and optimizing therapeutic protocols and discharge schedules.

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