Welcome to RGS@home

RGS@home targets stroke patients, clinicians, and health providers to address the need for effective and affordable rehabilitation due to the increase in stroke incidenceThe RGS system answers this need by combining brain theory, AI and VR to deliver state of the art clinically validated neuro-rehabilitation.

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RGS@home provides a continuum of therapeutic solutions
from the clinic to the therapy center, to home

Shorter Hospital Stay

RGS@home will speed-up recovery and drastically reduce the length of treatment received by patients at hospitals

More Effecient Therapists

RGS@home will act as a workforce multiplier—one therapist can now treat up to 80 patients instead of 8

More Rehabilitation Hours

Patients normally get from 12 to 45 hours or rehabilitation per month, RGS@home offers unlimited sessions


RGS can improve the patients’ Quality of Life, providing 24/7 monitoring and care.