RGS News   •   22 March 2021

Dr. Martina Maier, a postdoctoral researcher of the SPECS lab at IBEC, will be presenting at the ISVR Journal Club the paper: “Adaptive conjunctive cognitive training (ACCT) in virtual reality for chronic stroke patients.    

About the presentation: 
One of the main issues in cognitive rehabilitation is the isolated treatment of specific deficits, although patients typically express disturbances in various cognitive domains. In this presentation, I will propose how we could train several cognitive deficits in conjunction, by using an algorithm that adjusts the difficulty to the capacity of each patient, exploiting the principle of increasing difficulty. The algorithm equalises the sense of achievement across patients, hence providing treatment at the optimal challenge level. I will demonstrate the outcomes of testing this novel method called Adaptive Conjunctive Cognitive Training in a randomised controlled pilot trial with 30 chronic stroke patients. The results show that the experimental group improves over time in attention, spatial awareness and generalised cognitive functioning, which was not observed in the control group. With this novel method we can train a heterogeneous group of stroke patients adequately through the same paradigm, resulting in positive effects on cognitive capacities and mental well-being.