RGS@home Interim Report

RGS News   •   30 April 2019

The EIT Health interim update call for the RGS@home project took place on 30 of April 2019.

The call was attended by representatives of EIT Health Innovation projects management, by the RGS@home project coordinator and representatives of the RGS@home project.  See the project’s website here.

The agenda of  the call included:

5 min – Introduction: an overview of the program and presentation of the participants
15 min – Activity presentation (5-10 slides)

  • Summary of activity goals for 2019: what do you plan to achieve and how?
  • Review of the activity progress to this date, main achievements/learnings
  • Review of DELs / OUTs / KPIs / Milestones for the “reporting” period.
  • Overview of the main issues concerning activities and outcomes.

20 min – Discussion 
5 min – Final agreements:

  • Areas/aspects where EIT Health can support the partners

5 min – Summary of the next steps and to-do items